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A great deal of our problems in the second half of the growing season were either deficiencies in the squad that Ole inherited, or fitness-related issues caused by pressing after Jose’s protective style. The previous will be resolved by our business this summer, in particular like XxRichiexRichxX says, AWB playing of Young will be absolutely massive instead, but our business shall help.

Both of those things in my opinion will put us in the best position to get top 4 out folks, Chelsea, Arsenal, and the mid-table groups seek to make the step up. In terms of the opposition, Chelsea have lost their best player and aren’t able to bring in players to address the weaknesses in their squad.

Plus they’ll have a fresh manager, and you will be introducing loan/youngsters players in their team who’ll understandably take time to adapt. Arsenal shall be our closest contender, but I don’t believe they have the budget to properly address their weaknesses and I believe we’ll pip these to fourth place.

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Leicester and West Ham were 19 points from the top 4 last season. And that was my opinion based on the existing squad. If the screen closed when the near-complete moves (AWB/Ndombele/Kovacic) was done, I’d say Leicester get 4th (Chelsea falls out sans Hazard). We need more. A fresh CB and midfielders are essential and even then I’d put us as favorites rather than hair to make it. Who knows what will happen in the next 6 weeks though lets be real.

I’m pleased to take a slower road back to the top with these young skills. Which means we complete 5th this year and have to go again next season, so be it. I’m mainly looking for our style of play, cohesiveness, and fitness levels to improve as a squad, plus specific development in the right path this season. If that leads to top 4 and a cup, it’s a great season. If it leads to us running it close but missing out ultimately, I could live with that.

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