I previously talked about a great deal of skin care products and that brought forth questions, mostly about not WHAT to use, but HOW to use them. One of the questions I am most asked consists of the order where products should be applied frequently. This seems to be confusing to most users universally. People seem to wonder about how exactly to apply skin care cosmetics in the correct order and just why it matters.

The sequence in which you apply skin care products actually does make a difference and there is a right way and an incorrect way. There are so many products to choose from nowadays, it is no wonder that how to use them all properly is mind boggling for most. After all, they’re used to you need to be a cleanser, toner, night cream day cream, and.

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  • 2-3 slices cucumber (optional)

Then came vision cream, serum, moisturizer with sunscreen, moisturizer without sunscreen, sunscreen by itself, face primer, eyes primer, lip primer, facial oil, micellar drinking water, facial substance, and the list just keeps growing. As I’ve been typing this, ten new things likely to have been invented! To attain the maximum benefit from your products, develop an order to your routine and it’ll be easy to follow.

What follows is a simple breakdown about how to properly organize your skin care products. In the end, why spend the money and go directly to the trouble to use them if you aren’t heading to get the ideal benefit from the products, right? Do You Need All this Stuff? Now, I’m not letting you know that you need to use many of these products every day. I don’t. But, you can take a look at the list and you will see where your products fall consistent with other products.

Always start with clean epidermis. Nothing is heading to work effectively if you don’t are you start with a clean, fresh surface. Exfoliate regularly. The merchandise cannot penetrate through a coating of dead skin cells. There is no point in putting skin care products on if they can’t be utilized well. Begin with the products that will be the thinnest like water and then progress to another thickest, and so forth. Because if you focus on a solid product, the slim one won’t be able to penetrate through it, won’t do worthwhile, and you are essentially spending it.

Give each product to be able to be ingested before you move on to the next product. Can’t find out those feel thinner or thicker? Here is a simple trick-Apply a dab of each product along your forearm, then switch your arm and find out those run or drip down first sideways. Take note of that and apply them in that order.

If each of them feel the same or don’t drip, then apply them relating to how quickly and easily ingested these are. Rub them in one at the same time and count how long it takes to allow them to be absorbed. Begin with the one which is absorbed the fastest and progress to the next then. Your order may be slightly different than what is listed below because your products vary in viscosity from what I am using.

The order below is a general guideline, only. Don’t know how to apply makeup skin care products in the correct order and why it matters? Message me with what you are employing and I can quickly evaluate the products to place them for you. I’m going to write another post that will demonstrate the best order to use your makeup products. Want to be notified when the makeup application order content? Tell us in the Comments section below and we’ll send it to you.

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