Content Marketing and Curation is like sharing your ice cream. Content Curation is content created by others that you consider of value to your supporters. When you draw that content into your sphere you feel an ‘Information Hub’ that your supporters come to trust as the ‘go-to’ source for informaiton locally of expertise.

Your supporters can search the web for days, find all sorts of conflicting information – or they can come to you. When you present yourself as the expert in this field and also you present pre-flitered information with your stamp of approval onto it, you’re doing all your followers an enormous service. It relieves the confusion and overwhelm.

It also increases the value of what you provide – meaning now you can charge more. RebelMouse. This free tool pulls in every of the items you’ve created and submitted on your social media platforms or your site and it puts all of that into a grid and shows it like your own daily paper. It is held by it current.

You can embed its stream (with a pre-generated code) onto a page on your website. It’s easy and nice. It brings dynamic content into your website really. You can choose to ‘scoop’ a resource or discard it. It articles it to your stream Then. BTW: Scoop it also has a widget that you can embed in your website.

Evernote. This tool has been around for some time but it’s HUGELY valuable if you carry out any type of research or creating content. With Evernote you can catch website, images, or offline data even. You can assign tags or categories to them and even sort them by product or concept to keep them organized.

  • Develop practical (and reassuring) communications predicated on audience concerns
  • Suggest the primary four SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING tools/channels that can be used in the business
  • Reduce the Number of External HTTP Requests
  • Press “Publish”
  • Add the hanger. That is optional

It’s a free of charge tool as well as well as your data is preserved in the cloud so that you can reach it from any device. Spending just an hour a week on this content portion of your marketing will have a drastic have an effect on in your SEO and the traffic to your site.

Fine tuning your calls to action and the offers you’ve got on your website will increase conversions. Make an effort to blog at least once a week, or even more – and then get out there and ‘scoop’ the articles that you think you’re fans will be interested in. This is how you begin to stand apart as a head and present yourself as an expert. Author Info: Barbara Saunders is a publication designer and has run a successful solo pro business for more than a decade by increasing the energy of partnerships and collaboration. Now as the Solo Pro Success Coach and Founder of the Solo Pro Academy, she’s to guide you to an effective custom-fit business here. She also hosts the Solo Pro Radio show everyday at 10am Pacific and 1pm Eastern.

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