Most of that time period the world doesn’t much caution what God or the Church says. But when a natural disaster like a hurricane or tornado happens or a tragedy such as a Newtown or Boston, then everyone desires to know why God allows it to happen. Maybe we don’t want God nosing around in our private lives but we do expect answers. So religious beliefs and God have become the place of last resort to answer what bothers us and to make sure we are still good with God. Whenever we banish God from the public square, except in crisis it isn’t God who suffers.

We shut ourselves faraway from the energy of His elegance to overcome dread. It isn’t God who needs to come to us but we who need repentance – the acknowledgment of our failed and fickle will before God’s gracious and good will. What God seeks of us isn’t that we understand Him but that we trust Him. We trust Him not when we always have no choice but. Today the decision was noticed by us of the faith once more. Faith is not some span of last resort when all else fails but the path of life when we think we can easily see clearly and seem in control of our lives. Faith not for emergencies but for life.

Abram was childless and getting old. His wish of another were fading fast. He could not see how his future could change. However in the midst of the despair, God arrived to him with a vision into the future Abram’s eyes could not see. It was another, he could own only by trusting in the term of god, the father.

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Abram barely noticed the Lord and he could see nothing into the future. He was lonesome and surrounded by his anxieties and his opponents. He was like you and I are just. He did not want to trust what he could not see. He wished to see before he got the great leap of faith. He had taken a god, the father at His Word Yet. Hebrews tells us that it’s precisely this that counted Abram righteous prior to the Lord. And history tells us that this trust was not misplaced.

From one man and him as effective as a dead god, the father brought forth descendants as many as the celebrities of the heaven and the fine sand of the seashore. Abram’s eye lived not to start to see the many, but only to see one child yet by faith he saw the whole of God’s future because He trusted in the Lord’s promise.

In the Gospel Jesus telephone calls the anxious and fearful to shop around. Life is more than food and the physical body more than clothing. The birds of the environment and the flowers of the field are anxious about nothing and have only today. God feeds them Yet, clothes them, and cares for them.

You are of infinitely greater value to him than parrots or grass, why do your home is with anxiety, dread, doubt, and be concerned? Do you think that God who provides all the earth shall get away from you in your need? Fear not, says Jesus. The gracious and good will of God has prevailed.