I attempted using Garnier on the very first day of August, because I ran out of my HG Skinfood Aloe Sun BB Cream (which is an all-in-one for me personally). My budget isn’t enough to get me another pipe of that precious BB Cream (which lasted me a long 10 weeks!). So, I bought a sachet in Mini Stop to take it to our “Last Hurrah”.

Me don’t wanna dry out and me wanna keep moisturized, so I tried it. Before Garnier, I tried Myra Facial Moisturizer but it gave me pimples and it made my face oily. Like a confession, I’ve never used moisturizers in college because I am clueless on what’s ideal for me.

I was also too active to care about skin care routines. In all honesty, in college, I only needed body cream and cologne, aside from make-up. When I started working, I made a decision to get myself a moisturizer because I am already in my own 20’s and wrinkles would start drawing soon. That’s while i tried out Myra Facial Moisturizer. I gave up for a while but reading weblogs and watching Youtube gurus with their flawless and wrinkleless faces made me make a stand. I MUST GET YOURSELF A MOISTURIZER!

Don’t lose hope, trust yourself. 21. Family like branches on a tree, most of us grow in various directions. No matter where you go, you will go back to your family always. 22. By the strength within I will be successful. Put more work in anything that you do. A famous quotation from Genesis. 25. She actually is too fond of books, and they have flipped her brain. The books that we read can impact our lives greatly. No one should underestimate girls.

27. Happiness depends upon ourselves. We can choose to be happy if you want to. This is one of the greatest tattoo quotations about love. A straightforward tattoo quote for girls. 30. For every dark night, day there’s a brighter. You ought not easily get discouraged whenever you are facing a problem. Don’t quit without a fight. 32. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. This famous verse from the bible can be used as a tattoo also. 33. Don’t desire your daily life, live your desire. Always believe that dreams do come true. Simple meaningful tattoo quote that can inspire you yet.

Some days are bad, some full days are good. You shall be responsible in your decisions. Try to be strong and be prepared to acknowledge the truth always. Nothing can last forever. Tattoo quotes can teach us a lesson in life. 41. The greatest thing you’ll learn is just to love and become adored in return ever. A love that can permanently last. The only way that you will be successful is to do what you love.

43. With His love there is nothing I cannot do. There is nothing impossible with God. 44. Every instant overflows with power, 66 thousand mls one hour. Every little moment in our life is important. 45. You be the Anchor that will keep my feet on the surface… and I’ll be the wings….

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A very special tattoo quote for close friends and sisters. There’s a reason people hate someone always. 47. Who’s more real? Sometimes it’s hard to inform if the person is real to us. Even how bad things are, life has to go on. Believe in yourself and you can conquer the global world.

50. You believe lies so you must figure out how to trust no one but yourself. You must learn how to let go and accept the fact that people change. Which do you choose? Famous quotations by great men are very inspiring. 53. Don’t test the ones you like, it’ll only down rip us. You should trust the individual you love.

If you want to earn a war then you must have skills and discipline. This is an excellent prayer tattoo. That is a cool tattoo quote for girls. Choose your words carefully before you spoke them because it might harm the other person. All the simple things nowadays are well worth living for. Have the courage to trust in yourself.