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Seriously, it accentuated fine creases in places I didn’t know I put them. And lastly, its stamina. Significantly less than 5 hours. Similar to 4 hours. And therefore was with by using a primer. This is not what I expected from a pillow that cost me an arm and a calf and a firstborn.

So, that’s what I say. Because what I say is why you’re scanning this review in the first place. But, in the name of fairness, let’s check out the actual marketing honchos at Dior have to state about this cushion. Such awesome statements would mean an awesome ingredient list, right?

Dior touts its organic and natural gardens anywhere in the Alps and Madagascar. That’s supposedly where in fact the “natural” ingredients originated from. Well, guess what happens? They truly are at the very end of this ingredient list. They do nothing in the product and any wonderful skincare results you allegedly experienced when using this cushion, are nothing but wishful thinking. I’m very interested in these Dior backyards and wish to visit them someday. Or at least see them on Google maps, or something.

Because taking into consideration the sheer number of products that Dior offers, and considering that almost all of these products require plant extracts, these landscapes must be mighty huge to meet all the demand. Or, it just teaches you that the highly touted ingredients appear in truly minuscule quantities. Just enough to justify fancy marketing slogans. And hey Dior, I always wanted to visit Madagascar. I want to see your Dior Gardens there! See why?

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Why the hell had I buy this part of the first place? Overall, I am very disappointed. It’s a very average cushion with an above than average price tag. For 8500 taxes plus yen (yes, I am in Japan and that is where I picked up it) you get two refills of 15 grams each and a concise. Standard products for Korean pads, but a good novelty among American and Japanese brands.

It doesn’t feel as sturdy as the normal blue and white Amore Pacific puff everybody knows and love. That is a flimsier version. The top is guarded by way of the sticker so you know that no person else was using your cushioning. It’s a lot finer than the abominations proposed by the L’Oreal brands.

Finer pores imply that the foundation is dispensed much more equally onto the puff and simpler to apply on your face hence. So, is anything else I can inform you of this cushioning there? Apart, from “save your valuable money and don’t buy this crap”? The final is reasonably low, the coverage is little. It will even out your skin tone but that’s about any of it. It won’t cover any major redness or blemishes. It may accentuate pores and settle in lines and wrinkles.