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Deep respiration, coughing, and physical exercise might make the pain worse. Possible factors behind costochondritis include severe coughing, chest injuries, infections, and overexertion. Involuntary spasms or contractions of the food pipe can cause extreme chest pain. These spasms can come on suddenly and sometimes last for a number of hours. It is not always clear why esophageal spasms occur, but risk factors include GERD, anxiety, and high blood pressure.

A panic attack refers to an abrupt attack of extreme anxiety and fear. These episodes can last for between a few minutes and many hours, and a person may feel as if they are having a coronary attack. A person might have a panic and anxiety attack in response to a stressful event, but an assault can also unexpectedly happen.

Recurrent panic attacks are a symptom of anxiety attacks. Heartburn is an indicator of acid reflux and GERD that triggers a painful burning up sensation in the center of the upper body. This sensation can sometimes feel similar to the chest pain that people experience during a coronary attack or episodes of angina. A coronary attack is a medical emergency, so being able to tell the difference between acid reflux and cardiac chest pain is vital. Someone who suspects that they or another person is having a coronary attack should immediately call 911 or go straight to the er. It is recommended to see a doctor about any unexplained chest pain also, even if it goes away completely on its own.

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Through qualitative research of a sample of Weight Watchers people, this research provides understanding about the relationship between goal-setting techniques and lay down theories-people’s basic assumptions about the malleability of their personal attributes. We find that dieters set completely different types of superordinate and subordinate goals with respect to the laid down theory (entity vs.

Dieters who keep entity theory, which underscores immutability of skills, arranged superordinate goals focused on avoiding negative interpersonal evaluations. These dieters also seem to set subordinate goals that minimize effort in diet, exercise, and the use of group meetings necessary for weight reduction. Among dieters keeping incremental theory, which stresses malleability of skills through learning, weight loss is guided by superordinate goals that promote change in the self. Incremental‐theory dieters also established subordinate goals that encourage rather than limit revamping lifestyle. These findings offer contributions to lay theories and goal setting in consumer research as well as implications for developing more successful weight‐loss practices.

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