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Several BirdLife Partners and Rio Tinto are working together to develop sustainable local conservation projects at, or near, a variety of mine sites. This cultivates a biodiversity stewardship role for the business alongside socio-economic development. In South Africa, BirdLife South Africa is collaborating with Richards Bay Minerals to develop a local eco-tourism initiative, focusing on networked bird travel and leisure at Richards Bay and other IBAs and sites throughout Zululand.

The process engages an array of stakeholders in travel and leisure, nature conservation and local government, and has identified IBAs and other wildlife sites as core financial resources underpinning this form of sustainable development. BirdLife’s framework, based on national non-governmental account organizations, links global thinking and local action. In the UK, RSPB’s million associates have been offered the chance to change to electricity generated from renewable resources, through Scottish and Southern Energy.

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This costs them no extra-and funds for conservation, so that the environment gets a double advantage. BirdLife believes in a future where in fact the world’s pressing development needs are met sustainably. BirdLife enters romantic relationships with business, and discover constructive solutions, but without compromising the public and open promotion of best environmental practice.

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