I have blonde hair, Green eyes, and in between regular and tan white, any tips on makeup or hair stuff, anything? Green eyes are actually fun to work with. They have such a broad color range from turquoise to chartreuse to forest green to bright light green and on and on. These pointers are created for the majority of green eyes, but of course are exceptions to every rule there. My best advice is to try every color that you’re thinking about.

You’ll be amazed what appears good. These colors are some of the most popular for green eye. Try different browns, especially chocolate tones. Browns and dark greens with copper or gold highlight are also a great choice. Tapes and Apricots are good selections for highlighters. Dark purples, plums, and metallics work too.

Coppers and golds will make a really glamorous evening look for makeup techniques for green eyes. Personally, I like the way deep purples look with dark green eye really. When you’re learning makeup tricks for green eyes, it helps to learn what colors you might want to avoid as well. First up, blues. Any color of blue doesn’t do green-eye justice. I would recommend staying away from light blues, dark blues, and even some colors (purples or pinks) with blue undertones. Pinks is a difficult color to page also. Some can look really, excellent and others can really look, really bad. Normally, this is a matter of trial and error. Silvers aren’t a great choice either.

Leave them for the blue eyes. Unless you enjoy dark eyeliner, it’s usually a color to avoid. Try steely delicious chocolate or grays browns. Use silver or white to start the optical vision if your eyes are small. A good guideline whenever choosing a color for makeup methods for green eyes is to focus on warm colors and steer clear of cool colors.

Like I said, there are exceptions to every guideline, but this will provide an almost fail-safe method for choosing eyeshadow colors to bring out the wonder of your green eyes. How you apply your eyeshadow depends how many colors you’re putting on and what the occasion is. Each day wear For basic, here’s what you are doing.

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1. Apply a highlighter like crystalline to the entire eye from the bottom of the crease to the eyebrow. 2. Use a taupe or apricot next and use it to the whole eyelid and mix it just above the crease with the crystalline. Use it from the center of your eyelid from the eyelash to right above the crease. Blend it well. You can even blend it under the low lashes for a far more dramatic look. Apply it from the internal part of your eyelid and sweep it out to the external corner of your eyesight. It’ll get thicker the further out you go. 4. Apply eyeliner and mascara as you normally would. And there you go! Great makeup techniques for green eyes.

There are several ways that you can clean makeup brushes. Some people chose to simply wash their brushes with cleaning soap and water. This may seem such as a good, inexpensive way to clean makeup brushes, but it isn’t. Over time the cleaning soap will destroy the clean hairs and you’ll end up having to throw the brush out.

There are also some people who buy very expensive brush cleaners to clean their brushes. Though these brush cleaners may work very well they usually aren’t very inexpensive. The method in which you chose to clean your makeup brushes is your choice. However, I have found two particular cleaning methods that are not only inexpensive but also very effective.