I always love reading blogs about other investors’ investment income. Here’s our investment income for June 2019. This statement includes income from dividends, interest, shared funds, and rental properties. Month for The Money Commando household June was an excellent. The month we flew out to Florida to visit my father and step-mom In the center of.

They have a condo next door from the beach in a sleepy little town on the East coast of Florida. Getting there was a bit tough (we had to get right up at 5, then get the youngsters up at 6 to get down to LA to catch our air travel), but we have there been we acquired an enjoyable experience once. We played at the beach, swam in the pool, went to a minor league baseball game, continued a boat tour down a river, continued a chocolate factory tour, and generally just had a very relaxing time.

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And whenever we got back from Florida the elements in Santa Barbara was amazing – 75 levels and sunlit every day. Together, with all that, Month of a quarter June was the last, month for our passive income which always means a blowout. How big of a blowout was it? Well, it was our best month ever for aggressive income!

14,054.09. This is 18 up.5% from last June. That’s very solid growth and is due to a mixture of organic dividend raises plus new investments. Our cumulative dividends through the first half of the year are up 12% from this past year. 72, the year 705 for. This category includes net income from the 6-rental properties that my wife and I own, plus 50% of the income from 4 rental properties that people own with my mom. This quantity does not include an understanding of the properties or the decrease in the mortgage balance (those quantities arrive in the net worth statement). However, this income is net of all home loan, taxes, and insurance payments.

That is, this is a true cash flow survey for our local rental properties. June was a solid month for our rental income. The two new properties (purchased last month) is actually in a “steady state” and I believe our performance this month is most likely an acceptable projection for what an average month should look like in the years ahead. Our rental income is up 363% over last year.

That’s credited to a couple of things. First, 12 months our local rental income was horrible last. Among the properties had not been only vacant for most months, but also required quite a few of repair and improvements to make it rentable. Second, the addition of two new properties and the paying of 1 of our mortgages has resulted in additional cash flow going forward.

The combination of poor performance this past year combined with improved cash flow this year makes the evaluation a bit ridiculous. Wow! This was by far our best month ever. 15,571.74, and this month was 14% higher than our prior best. That’s a huge improvement in just 6 months. Through June In conditions of total cumulative income, we are up 40% out of this point last year.

Look at our trailing 12-month total income you can view that our passive income has been doing exactly what we wish it to do – it’s been trending up and to the right. Whether or not this happens is almost totally dependent on how our leases perform for all of those other year. I made a lot of stock investments this month. I found a number of companies that were reasonable values which are a little more defensive (I’m positioning us for a slowdown/recession). I mainly put into existing investments, but I did add 3M as a new investment (these were really punished after a recently available earning miss and I think they are actually too cheap).

This used about 40% of our cash. 350k of cash that I’m wishing to allocate when the right opportunity occurs. Many of these new investments haven’t yet paid their dividends, therefore if we’ll start seeing the results of these investments in the second fifty percent of the entire year. June was an excellent month. 100k of passive income in a year (we’ll be almost certain to hit that goal next year).