There are many different spiritual views out there and many people listen to the title “faith and fitness” and shy away because they believe that it is predicated on mainstream religion. Fitness trainers aren’t solely tied to one spiritual type, but can put their own faith into the class. The world of fitness has changed from only having spin classes and yoga to being faith-friendly to all walks of life.

I’d favour Cousin Eddie’s plastic plate implanted in my mind. I respect each person’s right to make his / her decision on the healthier living trip, but I’d never choose surgery for myself. It’s not that I contemplate it cheating, but even with surgical intervention, you still have to make some major changes in lifestyle to maintain your weight loss.

  • Daily prayer/meditation
  • Custom
  • 1 scoop Chocolate Protein Powder (I used Celebrate Vitamins Chocolate Milk ENS)
  • Measures light, noise and temperature in the bedroom
  • The built-in map monitors your path with markers to show your quickest and slowest speeds
  • Body mass index (BMI) of 40 or above
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  • Diet Disasters When Dining Out

If you have to improve your life style and diet plan anyway, why not achieve this without getting an invasive surgical procedure? I get that you can lose the weight faster with surgery, but faster isn’t always better when you consider the long-term effects. And surgery has the potential to fail just like a non-surgical plan still, so I don’t see any compelling superior payoff when weighed against the risks. I often question whether individuals who are actually starving to death in Ethiopia can get pregnant of individuals actually surgically altering their abdomen to pressure themselves to eat less.

In exceptional circumstances I don’t see a problem with it. I understand a brother and sister that both had it done because they’re utterly clueless about food, nutrition and exercise though, which grates on me. Losing weight to protect your wellbeing is just what it is. You do it However.

With weight loss surgery you still have to restrict your eating. You’ve kept to (or should be) working out. So I don’t contemplate it “cheating”. Link along with a WLS support group in your area when you yourself have your surgery. Be around uplifting people who get what you’re going through. I’ve watched a couple of friends go through that process and it’s no walk in the recreation area.

It’s no “easy way to avoid it”. That’s for sure. But worth it in the final end. Best wishes on your upcoming surgery. It’s simply a medical replacement for willpower and self-discipline IMO. Two of my most motivating MFP friends had weight reduction surgery. I did so not. They have both lost a comparable amount of weight as I have. The ONLY difference between us is that they had the surgery and I didn’t.