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What remained in the middle was a mix of the three. Remember GOD chose Abraham and delivered him on his way because the city Abraham comes from wasn’t precisely what GOD pleases. Is this conversation still on? Qin, Han, Sino, these are the names (some were self-given, some weren’t) of “China” at 400 B.C.

Common belief that Sino (Sin) is a derivative of Qin. Qin was the winner of warring kingdoms period, under the weakening authorities of Zhou. For all we know, the winner would likely be Chu, Zhao, or any from the others four. If “Qin” was a great ancestor of the Chinese, why the Zhou series did not use it for themselves? Infact, Qin was a people conferred by the king of Zhou to the land of Qin, with a name of count number the leader (QinBo, or Count Qin).

From this we can easily see the land of Qin was not a place of great importance (at that time, of), as it is a huge parcel but only comes with a 3rd tier title. That said, I concur that the Chinese have now could be indeed a mixture of the three, Sham, Ham, and Japheth. Today’s Han people is a product of three tribes, Dong-Yi, Xi-Rong, and Bai-Yue, which are translated to “Yi of the east” “Song of the west” and “the hundreds of Yes”.

I believe the Yi were sons of Sham, who was first here, a few of them held east, a few of them stayed to establish Xia, and Shang when the Xia kings lost favor of individuals eventually. One source says it was Sun-Quan, the emperor of Wu in three kingdoms era, conquered and “civilized” the Yue. Other say it was the migration of the Jin line, made the Yues blended into Han. While I may be mixed on the ancestor, Rong, Yi, and Yue are definitely different people, but they are actually are united under the name of Han.

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Jewish man by the name of Isaac Mosezon’s EDENICS tracing many world’s words like Chinese, Tibetan and different languages to the first Proto-Semitic language of Eden. The recent archaeological results claim that the first Chinese were Caucasian looking with clothing like the Middle-Eastern people and Central Asian. Indeed a blessing for the Chinese language competition has been bestowed because the start of the right time. 5,000 years of continuous history of China living still. Today Empires rise, and fall but China before still China! God Bless China and the World!

Merenptah-asante, sorry I was out of town and couldn’t respond to your interesting comment. All I could say is the foundation of the Chinese people is still a mystery. The fact that early Chinese people experienced already worshiped one supreme deity out of nowhere indicated that monotheistic believers from the Biblical land must have wandered there.

The children and descendants from the type of Seth and Shem were likely the wanderers that had spread the God of the Bible in early historic China. The descendants of Seth with all mankind acquired all been destroyed by the Deluge. After, Shem and his descendants were the second influx of wanderers to China. They were faithful believers of Yahweh. They’d impacted the perception of early Chinese people. China has the largest varieties of racial types in the global world.