Since the middle-1990s, it’s been easy to see how web business has disrupted many traditional business models. Early on, Amazon disrupted traditional bookstores, and Netflix disrupted video stores. Recently, Uber is disrupting the taxicab industry, and AirBnB is threatening the traditional hospitality industry. But what’s not obvious is how web business is just about the great equalizer for small businesses.

This holds true in at least three ways. Market existence. Traditional marketing stations, such as broadcast media, print advertising, and direct mail, required substantial budgets. Today, a small supplier with a well-designed and well-functioning e-commerce website and good natural user can rank right up there with major brands. Global reach. Towards the commercialization of the web Prior, it took a considerable investment for a supplier to grow its business internationally.

But today, even the smallest manufacturer can be found by potential clients in overseas markets. Using international marketers and third-party logistics, small suppliers today can easier serve customers around the globe. Cost efficiency. Economies of size-count number to make and distributing physical products still. But a well-functioning e-commerce site that is integrated with back-end systems, such as ERP, can cut costs for small suppliers. Combined with cloud systems on the back-end, small businesses can enjoy productivity benefits from information systems without having to support a sizable IT staff.

In NetSuite’s most recent user conference, CEO Zach Nelson touched briefly with this point. He said something to the effect that, using its integrated ERP and e-commerce capabilities, NetSuite was helping small companies act bigger. I made an email of Nelson’s remarks and didn’t think much about them until I attended a reception for press and industry analysts later that evening. There, I found myself communicating with John Baker (CEO) and Alan Blackford (COO) of Thos.

Baker, a supplier of outdoor furniture. They told me that NetSuite was focusing on a video about their business. After the reception, Baker delivered me the pre-publication video hyperlink and it was found by me an inspiring story. In the video, Baker tells how he previously was commuting to his tech industry job in Seattle for many years, but he aspired to take action interesting that could allow him to work near to his family on Bainbridge Island. So, he started his outdoor furniture business to combine his curiosity about technology with his fascination with design.

Baker highlights that establishing web commerce for this sort of business is quite complicated. His functional strategy makes intensive use of outsourced manufacturing, with furniture frames stocked in the warehouse on Bainbridge Island, the cushions from a provider in Alabama, the umbrellas from California, the open fire pits from Tennessee. Although supply chain is complex, however the built-in system allows the strong to seem to its customers as if it were a much large company. Whenever we are talking to our customers, they may be evaluating us to companies that are somewhere between 40 to 400 times our size,” he said. Click on the image below to view the video. It’s a promo video for NetSuite, of course. But it’s an inspiring tale nonetheless. Precisely how small is Thos. I believe the firm has just five employees, and all of them come in the video.

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It’s good sense to follow these simple steps. Leave more time to ensure your vehicle is properly ready and remember to use dipped headlights in poor presence. Mr Wilson said central England and Wales could bear the brunt of the snow this afternoon and evening as wet weather coming through the South West turns wintry, with some places seeing up to 4in (10cm) of snow.

Various organizations have provided advice for keeping safe at home and on the highway during the frosty snap. How to de-ice car home windows: The RAC advises that clearing a windscreen of ice or snow should take about 10 minutes utilizing a scraper or de-icer aerosol. Drivers should avoid utilizing boiling drinking water to clear snow and glaciers. The thermal shock from 100C water can cause windows to crack, the breakdown firm says.

How to defrost pipes: Frozen pipes can limit water source to homes and businesses. In case your pipes do freeze, Thames Water recommends turning off the stop faucet then running cold water taps to help water get away as it starts to thaw. A warm water bottle covered in a tea towel placed next to iced pipes can help speed up the thawing process.