UV rays cause skin problems. Everybody needs protection from dangerous UV lights. There are various ways to safeguard our skin. The best way is avoiding immediate sun publicity. But sometimes, it can be impossible, especially during summer. Because of that, sunscreen products should be used. Consumers ask for high-quality products with accessible awards.

It means that they would like to get everything when they apply the products. All in one: Protection skin from UV radiation, antiaging and wrinkles reduction, cooling and moisturizing results on the skin without allergic reaction, and coloring effects on the skin. This request is the main guide for researchers and scientists.

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Also, they know that chemical components have harmful effects on the skin sometimes. Because of that, they increasingly more choose products with natural components. Using natural ingredients in different skin care products is very popular today. Plants’ ability to protect themselves from UV radiation from sunlight is the main reason behind that.

Plants have a good potential to help us. Plant phenolics are one applicant for prevention of harmful ramifications of UV radiation on the skin. Additionally, plants contain a lot of other substances which can be useful for skin care. Their potential is still undefined. Nevertheless, more research trials and clinical evidences are needed. It was shown that using only one natural element is not enough for skin safety. Maybe, mixture of a number of different natural substances is a right solution. It shall be ideal to make the product with natural components only, without any harmful effects. Also, it’s important to discover in which form this mixture is stable and gets the best effects. There are plenty of products with natural ingredients that are available in the world’s market. But, there is absolutely no product which can accomplish all requests of consumers. This is the main direction for new product development.

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