11. This is a weapon registry. To record weapon sales, and have a “centralized” record is a registry. Does this person suppose that government would have no usage of this record? And if authorities has access, how do this not be a registry where government can also find weapon owners for the purpose of confiscation? Registration lists have led to gun confiscation in Australia, Bermuda, Cuba, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Jamaica, Soviet Georgia and other countries. 12. This sounds good theoretically, and worthwhile weapon owner would survey a lacking tool out of a sense of responsibility likely.

But there are problems with causeing this to be a required thing. Suppose the gun owner isn’t particularly zealous about training. He possesses a weapon but the novelty has faded and he simply is content to own it “in the event”. This is fine. No reason he must feel appreciated to meet anyone’s requirements for ownership other than his own.

If the gun is taken and found in a crime, a murder particularly, he might not be aware that it is even missing. How can one be mandated to report what he doesn’t even realize has happened? Dependant on just how draconian his area might be with regard to weapon control laws and regulations, the mere reporting may lead to charges against him, especially if awareness of the missing weapon came after a crime was committed along with his gun. What’s more, necessary reporting is improbable to work very well without some kind of registering of your respective weaponry, which only burdens the law-abiding and only places the law-abiding at risk of confiscation. 13. This seems good in theory.

The usual debate revolves around a “cooling off period” for individuals who are pissed now at someone and desires to kill them. The theory that such a person would cool off rather than feel as strongly about killing whomever pissed him off. However, in three days, he also might be 3 x as pissed and simply more intent than ever before to destroy whomever pissed him off.

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But think about the victim of a stalker or murderer? Why should that person have to wait three or even more days to obtain a weapon to defend him/herself? You can find so many stories of women who’ve been murdered by their husbands, boyfriends, ex-husband/partner because they had to hold back to buy a weapon.

It’s absurd and an obvious infringement of one’s right to carry arms. A college shooter could have no problem waiting around another three times to carry out his wish to shoot up a college. A P-O’d former employee would have no problem waiting around to skyrocket his former place of work. It’s absurd to think a waiting around period would make much difference.