Fitbit Charge is a heart-rate monitor and activity tracker wristband with a scrolling OLED screen, the highest model in wristband range from Fitbit. If you are after one with bigger screen then there are the Fitbit Surge and the new Fitbit Blaze, a performance wrist watch. Available in Black, Plum, Tangerine, Blue, or Teal. For the style conscious, here is the fitness tracking wristband made with style.

Designed to look more like a piece of jewellery or item, the Jawbone UP hides the actual fact that it is a bit of fitness technology perfectly. The step counter works together the UP application (iOS and Android to show you if you have reached your targets, motivates you to perform better, compares your performance to other users (the UP community) and track your history. In addition, it monitors your sleep and lets you know how much deep rest you’d in the night and exactly how long you’ve slept for. The wristband can be established to vibrate as a wake up alarm.

Available in three sizes; small, medium and large and in three colors; Onyx Black, Mint Green, and Bright Blue, it does have a certain charm in its design. Advanced Sleep – automatically monitors your rest stages-Wake, REM, Light, and Deep. Smart Coach – motivation and personalized insights you need to reach your goals. Sync via Bluetooth Smart for real-time progress report wirelessly. Here is a rather conventional-looking wristband in a typical watch profile minus the digital or analogue clock face. Instead, you get a gleaming metal disc created from aircraft grade aluminum with LED indications organized in a circular fashion. The Shine monitors your daily steps, calorie consumption used during sports activities such as going swimming, cycling, working, and football.

Available in Black, Topaz, Chrome and Champagne. The predecessor to the initial Garmin vivofit the vivofit 2 does not look very different from the previous generation with all the features you like from the first generation vivofit. The Garmin Vivofit sWireless Fitness Wrist Band and Activity Monitor is a stylish, light-weight, comfortable, and waterproof (50m) health watchband with over 1-year battery life.

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There is a separate model which includes HEARTRATE monitor. Wirelessly sync Vivofit with Garmin Connect, a free on-line fitness community portal. The online dashboard shows your improvement and gives you to monitor your activity between training sessions. Garmin Connect mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. Also available Vivofit with Heart Rate Monitor the Vivofit can be paired with a heart-rate monitor (available to purchase separately) for use when you are taking part in fitness activities.

Garmin Vivosmart isn’t just a health and fitness wristband, it serves to notify its user when there’s a call also, text, meeting, calendar reminder and email messages and carries a vibration alert. The wristband has an OLED touchscreen display that enables you to scroll through the different screens. Smart notifications: monitor calls, texts, meetings, calendar emails, and reminders.

Set your alerts with the friend application e.g. to only notifies you when you obtain a contact from your VIP group. Prestigio Smart Pedometer is a real-time activity monitor. It displays and store your activities so you can send this to the partner app to comes after and analyze your daily result.