ABC News, a very creditable source, which is viewed by millions of individuals daily, analyzed beauty criticism and pageants. This source discusses that children will be the quickest-growing segment of the wonder pageants market, three million children ages six months to 16 years have been mixed up in beauty pageant industry. “April Brilliant, reigning Mrs. Maryland and the director of Maryland-based Mystic Pageants, says pageants give little girls to be able to “play Cinderella” but, a great many other people have a different opinion on this issue. Beauty pageants are teaching young women that their self-worth is assessed by how pretty they are, which often leads to copious emotional problems in future years for children.

Another concern, is narcissism, beauty pageants may have the effect of too much emphasis on physical elegance when forming associations with peers. Many people also criticize how many families are willing to invest their children to take part in pageants. “Coaches, modeling lessons, makeup, and travel also add-to the enormous prices.” But, parents argue that the child’s happiness and the chance to earn university scholarships, modeling contracts, and cash the amount of money is worth it over time.

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Parents of participants also claim that, beauty contests are no unique of bringing their children to participate in wearing events. One last critique that is mentioned in the article is the concern that beauty pageants are pushing sexuality. Many are outraged by the outfits and amount of make up that a youngster participating needs, while others believe that it’s just apart of the industry.

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