The teaching of business ethics is still a subject of great concern as both businesses and business schools seek to build up effective approaches for fostering moral behavior. Responses to the goal have been varied, and consistent empirical proof for a particular approach has not emerged. One approach, deliberate mental education, offers a way for integrating and increasing components of developmental theory and has proved very effective in professional configurations, with university students, and recently, with undergraduate business students. The authors suggest that this model is considered as an effective strategy for business education programs and offer suggestions for integrating this model within undergraduate business curricula.

Immigrants spend weeks traveling to the border and most times do not make it to USA because they are captured and send back south of the border. Poverty is due to lack of education, opportunities, and low literacy level. These countries do not put too much emphasis in education as they resort to marrying more than one wife and having way too many children.

Farming and herding have been their main source of food production and livelihood. Ethnicity is related to many tribes too, dialects, and dialects. It has additionally contributed to a lack of trust amongst different ethnic groupings due to insufficient understanding each other’s culture and custom. They have become one country but differing people. Instability is created by the lack of a stable government by corrupted market leaders, who always come to power for the purpose of stealing funds. That leads to no mandate to build infrastructure ultimately and develop the economy and market for the national country.

When people’s needs aren’t met, a lot of the right times in developing countries, rebellion begins when the national government neglects a certain group of people. When people are deprived of the necessities of life while the other group has it all because of their ethnicity and religious sect, it generates tensions that lead to a “time-bomb” prepared to explode.

These most times cause conflicts that are attributed to hatred, sabotage, riots, trend, and deaths. This is common in the developing countries where the problems and venality have played a role credited to self-centeredness on the part of the leaders. Leaders therefore holiday resort to intimidation of their citizens and therefore control these countries by coercion.

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An extensive education across the country must be instituted. This can be in the neighborhood dialect and vocabulary in order to make it easy for the citizens of that area. Assessment test of individuals’ talent and abilities have to be explored, known, and recorded to be sure where these individuals’ maximum potentials lay.

A program must be instituted to be able to instruct the citizens ways of family planning and contraceptive. Individuals also need to understand the financial and social advantage of the birth control. Locations with fertile lands need to be located and utilized for livestock and crops, and the ones areas without fertile land might need to be used based on its comparative advantage, such as poultry, storage of byproducts, and market areas.

Supermarkets are to be constructed in all densely filled locations or metropolitan cities to allow the young men and women find and keep careers. The stores will contain three shifts so that students can work and at the same time go to school and do their schoolwork. These markets shall be situated in the areas where people can afford to shop. A Wal-mart (USA) approach will be most appropriate in these locations.