The Duchess of Cornwall appeared in good spirits tonight as she greeted the President of america and attended a dinner managed by the Trump family. Camilla, 71, found its way to Winfield House with the Prince of Wales, 71, wearing a white gown by one of her favorite designers Fiona Clare – which had with a pretty embroidered overlay.

She first used the stunning dress during a trip to Athens last year. She accessorized the dress with a diamond necklace and used her locks down in her usual style with a natural makeup and a polished lip. Prince Charles also appeared his best in a dark tuxedo with bow link, with the leader pursuing suit. The First lady wore a red cape dress by Givency, which was worth over £5,000.

Winfield House, located near Regent’s Park, is the residence of the ambassador to the UK, Woody Johnson. Donald Trump and his family have been keeping there throughout their three-day trip to the UK, as Buckingham Palace is going through building works. The elected leader and First Woman waited outside to greet Charles and Camilla.

Marine guards opened up the door to the automobile and President greeted the prince with a handshake. Posing for photos with the united states couple they all happy to be there as they exchanged smiles and warm gestures with each other. The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will spend the night with Donald Trump, his wife Melania, and his children.

The event will end with Camilla and Charles putting your signature on the residence’s guestbook. Both women adopted their husbands inside for the festivities in Winfield House. Prince Charles and Donald Trump were all smiling as these were reunited tonight near Regent’s Park. First lady Melania Trump pictured with the Duchess of Cornwall and Suzanne Ircha, the wife of the united states Ambassador to London.

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Camilla used a gemstone necklace to the dinner, and a pretty gold bracelet on her left wrist. In the location of the Duke and Duchess smiled for photographs standing up next to the President and First Lady as Mr. Trump, before the dinner this evening kept to reciprocate for last night’s luxurious banquet at Buckingham Palace.

There were no speeches, unlike the previous evening, however the Prince and the President both gave short toasts. Outside the intimate dining area, as guests chatted animatedly, the united states flag flew at half mast in remembrance of the 12 wiped out with a gunman in Virginia Beach the other day. Other guests from the US aspect included Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin, and National Security Advisor John Bolton.

The dining room is defined for a supper for President Donald Trump, first female Melania Trump, Prince Charles, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, at the U.S. Upon settling for supper the Prince of Wales and Donald Trump toasted with one glass of champagne as the guests stood across the dinner table.