A Guide for Consumers to identify safe procedures when getting together with New York State beauty salons and spas. All beauty treatment specialists as well as all spas and salons must be licensing to lawfully operate within NY State. Imagine if I cannot locate a license? If you don’t see the current business license or an ongoing NYS issued cosmetology, toenail, esthetic, waxing, or natural hair styling license on the screen, ask the ongoing company to show it to you. What must I do if they cannot show me a license?

What other information should be published at the spa/salon? Furthermore to licenses, an itemized set of all services performed and prices billed for those services should be displayed near the entry or reception area. Can any operator to perform any service I need? A provider should be licensed in the services that they are performing. All personal services offered in NY State require that the individual offering these services have the correct training and become licensed to provide that particular service to the buyer.

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It is important to note that not all practitioners are certified to perform all services. NYS licensed cosmetologists can legallyperform hair services, nail services, skin waxing, and services. Estheticians is capable of doing all services except hair and nail services. Nail, Natural, and Waxing Hair Styling specialists can only just perform those specific services for which they are certified. Nail Specialists cannot perform waxing services in New York State.

• The service where any service is being offered should be clean, in good repair and free from dangerous conditions or hazards. • Sufficient space with good lighting should be provided to ensure the health and basic safety of the consumer. • Hot and cold running water, toilet facilities, and covered containers for paper and waste should be provided.

• State rules require that a provider follow infection-control methods that protect the provider and your client. Hand washing is required of all toe nail care clients and providers in front of you nail service being performed. • mattresses and Tables used for personal services should be sanitized/washed between each client.

• All implements that may abrade or clip superficial skin should be immersed within EPAapproved disinfectant for at least 10 minutes and disinfected after every use. • Porous manicuring and waxing implements such as Emery boards, stop buffers, and waxing sticks and other implements that cannot be disinfected shouldn’t be used for more than one person. • Gloves should be worn by operators performing extractions or waxing. • Disposable supplies such as cotton, sponge applicators, and paper products shouldn’t be used for some person. • Disposable paper and towels table coverings should only be utilized as a single-use item.

• Other tools used to provide services should be cleansed, then disinfected after every customer, using an EPA-approved disinfectant. These tools include but are not limited by scissors, razors, clippers, combs, brushes, capes, and bowls. The buyer can observe the supplier performing these responsibilities between client services. Your technician may meet these requirements by providing a kit for every client and/or disposing of single-use items after each client.