The recent MSN real property article, What crisis? Some businesses are booming, lists 9 businesses that are flourishing in this overall economy. And guess what happens, of the nine businesses detailed, 6 fall under the foreclosure cleanup umbrella. Hence, one could make the argument that cleaning foreclosures is perhaps the number one recession-proof small business to start.

So precisely what are these businesses? 1. Grass Painter: Ever watch an episode of Flip This House on HGTV and find out lawn painters turning brownish, unattractive lawns into beautiful, lush-looking landscaping within minutes? This is exactly what a grass painter does. Exactly like aerosol painting a wall structure in your house, a lawn painter paints the grass. Many foreclosure properties need this service to make the home attractive for resale and/or to prevent it looking like an abandoned property. This is a service every cleaning foreclosures business can offer.

2. Pool Servicers: Pools have to be drained, refinished and/or covered when a homely house is foreclosed on. Otherwise, they may be a magnet for mosquitoes (because of standing water), and a danger to community household pets and kids. So banks, realtors and traders hire pool cleaners to take care of the ongoing work that should be done. 400 according to the pool cleaner featured in the piece. 3. Trash Outs: Otherwise known as hauling away the junk and particles from a foreclosed property.

Many times, they are handled by rubbish haulers. But, it is a foundational service any foreclosure cleaning business provides. This is mostly the type or kind of work banks will expect foreclosure cleaning companies to handle. The business featured in this article carrying this out reports being booked through 2009 already.

4. Property Preservation: Property preservation companies could be the closest what to a full-service foreclosure cleaning business in that they are doing any and everything essential to protect the lender’s asset (the house) until it is resold. 5. Board Up Professionals: Board up professionals actually table of the access points of foreclosed homes, where necessary. This implies doors and windows. Banks and real estate agents use these specialists to avoid vagrants and vandals from damaging and/or occupying a foreclosed property. This is an easy add-on service for businesses that handle cleaning foreclosures.

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6. Locksmiths: While a simple service, it is a necessary one in the foreclosure process. Locks have to be transformed once previous owners vacate a house. And with mounting foreclosures, the business owner featured in the article mentioned above said that for the very first time in his company’s 97-year history, he was working weekends. All the above services can be offered quite seamlessly by full-service foreclosure cleaning businesses. And, it may also garner you more jobs. Because bankers and realtors just like a one-stop shop as they say. If they can call one business to handle six different services, it creates it that much easier for them to use you.

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