This is a slide rule, an ancient method to do arithmetic computations easily if you have some experience in working with it. Must You SELECT FROM Business Rules And Complex Event Processing Platforms? The Forrester reports discuss some confusion that exists between the two terms. I’ve also blogged lately about decision agencies, talking about the fact that event processing agencies (at least a few of them) can be a subset of a more substantial whole which can be called – decision realtors.

And indeed, while the two kind of technologies are unique, gleam sense to look at them with a unified view. Here I share the vision of James Taylor, who talks a lot about Enterprise Decision management which consists of business rules, event processing and analytics. We’ll hear much more concerning this concept – more later.

Here’s a look at today’s challenges for people who work for themselves along with some solutions for overcoming the issues. What DEGREE OF Connector Are You? The type of connector are you? Do you normally make plenty of connections with people around you or do you have a tendency to be uncomfortable with it? Take this quiz and discover what your look is.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made significant changes to the deductibility of alimony and personal lawsuit recoveries, which could have a huge impact on tax liability for freelancers who divorce or are involved in personal lawsuits. Here’s what you should know. Just because you’re an introvert doesn’t suggest you can’t be successful at networking. The trick for anyone, whether introverted or not, is to find your natural and preferred design of networking. The brand-new tax laws resulting from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act could affect your 2018 business taxes. This year Here are five areas you need to know about before submitting your fees.

How Much Money Do Small Business Owners Have to Retire? How much cash do you need to retire as a business owner? It may seem the sale of your business will fund your retirement, but will that be adequate? Here’s what you should know. Accepting online obligations from your customers is essential for some businesses. Listed below are the most typical online payment solutions open to small businesses.

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Is your social media marketing working? You can judge your effectiveness by calculating key performance signals. Here’s how to do it. Home based and business-opportunity scams rob unsuspecting victims of millions of dollars a year. Con artists use deception, misrepresentation, and fraud to make you part with your hard-earned money. Use these recommendations to steer clear of fraudulent bishops and home based scams.

Countless experts on command have emphasized that to be able to lead, you have to put yourself last. Since there is some truth in that, it is true that to be always a good leader also, you need to be your best personal, which means concentrating at least some of your energy on yourself.

Should you acknowledge Bitcoin obligations in your business? What exactly are the benefits and what are the risks? Here are benefits and drawbacks of Bitcoin payments to consider. Which digital marketing tactics are working for small businesses today? Read what experts tell help you decide which online marketing options to use in your business.