When you think about Africa do you consider about lions, food cravings, war and poverty? Africa is one of the poorest regions in the global world, while Africa is the continent with 6 countries in the very best 10 fastest growing economies. Within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it’s important that officials coping with Africa have real understanding of this continent that is developing quickly. How exactly to support organisational learning in this case? Fortunately, modern technology is making it possible now to remotely communicate with one another.

The Learning and Development Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was this time persuaded that online learning should be organised. An individual learning strategy was not favored and besides, current advancements and policy issues constantly are changing, think of the known reality that we have a new authorities in holland. Experiences with traditional e-learning modules have shown this process is too static, videos, assignments and descriptions.

In the situation of “THE BRAND NEW Africa” however, it was of great importance to be able to adapt content easy and also to co-create new insights with the specialists in the Hague and the embassies. Online, up-to-date and interactive In 2011, the Ministry arranged a training day on ‘the New Africa’: 1 trainer, 20 individuals, a physical space and a clear program of presentations, projects, dialogue and two case-contributors. Your day was well valued.

But taking a look at the potential audience it appeared valuable to offer this training online and at a worldwide scale. To this end, the Ministry organised a four-week online training. Also available for local staff at the embassies: in English. We used Moodle as the primary platform, it can be an e-learning system available within the Ministry already, however, it experienced never been used interactively. An important benefit of Moodle is that the web learning environment is quite easily to adjust with no any specific IT expertise.

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The team consisted of: a content expert- the tactical policy adviser Africa, an adviser Learning and Development from the Ministry and two exterior online facilitators who have experience with online learning (myself and Sibrenne Wagenaar). We found it important to offer a clear structure: what is the theme, what do we ask from participants because participants weren’t familiar with self-directed and online learning. The design was eventually composed of four weeks, every week having a particular theme with. Week started on Mon with a 10-minute description by video by the content expert Each.

Participants could then exchange questions and ideas with each other on the discussion board. Day of every week there was a light exercise offered On the second, such as a quiz where in fact the participants were given a specific graph and experienced to guess what the graph was about. The third day of the week was reserved for a webinar at a fixed time. A guest was acquired by This webinar speaker from practice. The webinars were recorded so participants who could not go to they could be viewed by the webinar afterwards.

In addition to the weekly themes, the participants worked in groupings on a specific theme appealing, over the last webinar that they had space to present their findings to all of those other combined group. And how did it work out? A call via the communications channels of the Ministry got lots of 45 individuals registered.