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The protesters in Charlottesville chanted, “The Jews won’t replace us! The blacks will not replace us! Immigrants shall not replace us! ” We should now mobilize to displace Trump and the members of his party who believe in his exclusionary ideals. I simply hope it isn’t too late. The elected president and his party appear to enjoy this version of America, as does Russia. Tim Kaine signifies Virginia in the U.S.

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In response to the occasions last year, we’ve seen a wide array of people stating, ‘I’m from the sidelines now. We’ve still got work to do, but last fall, we showed who the Virginia of today is, and it delivered a powerful message that we reject hate. Unite the Right’s principal purpose was to seed a flag for the alt-right in real-world spaces, beyond its online center of gravity.

This was part of the sea change starting in 2016, after a long time during which white nationalists and other far-right adherents could barely muster enough people for a golf-ball game in a public space. Charlottesville was a proof-of-concept for the theory that the alt-right umbrella could unite right-wing factions which have very significant ideological differences. If not for the murder of Heather Heyer, the alt-right’s organizing efforts would almost certainly have accelerated following the turnout in Charlottesville. Instead, they faced a fresh round of infighting and a public backlash. Since that time, we’ve seen a reliable stream of smaller, quieter events somewhat, as well as a few of very large and violent events, most notably in Portland.

We’re also seeing skyrocketing hate crimes and hate rhetoric around the fringes. The rally in D.C. August 12 will be an opportunity to take the heat of the motion. It’s clear that the American much right, to some extent under the alt-right umbrella, is wanting to declare a location at the desk in our political system.

What happens at the polls in November will probably be more consequential for the far right than what goes on in D.C. Sunday, but the country is in a tense and volatile state, so here’s wishing law enforcement could keep things under control. Eddie Glaude is a professor of religious beliefs and African-American studies at Princeton.

Charlottesville did not change much. It only made explicit what many Americans-at least those who do not have their heads buried in the sand-already knew. Donald Trump rode the 3rd rail of American racism right to the White House, fueling anxieties, hatreds, and anxieties on the way. His slogan, “Make America Great Again,” was (and it is) a nostalgic longing, in the true face of demographic change, for an unambiguous white America. We understood something similar to Charlottesville was going to happen. Two years of protests in the united states (especially in Berkeley, Huntington Beach, Sacramento) foreshadowed the assault. It had been only a matter of your time before things would explode.