I’m totally obsessed with these shades of colors. I’m always looking for beautiful natural matte eye shadows that are has and affordable easy daring pigment in them. You can always find me browsing the elf store on Astor put in place in NYC because the makeup is awesome! In my opinion, about 80% of the makeup at the elf is worth a repurchase and can operate against a few of the big brands of makeup. Elf’s Flawless Eyeshadow palette in “Beautiful Browns” is so perfect for blending out colors or just wearing a natural makeup look. It really is now a staple in my own everyday look and in my own professional beauty makeup kit.

Movies we love remain in our hearts permanently and sometimes spark thoughts or feelings of the time we noticed them. I recall the first movie my parents had taken me to, the first movie my husband and I saw collectively (I still have the ticket stub) and the first movie I had taken my boy to. Movies will often touch us so deeply, we are motivated to make changes within ourselves. And sometimes they make you feel so excellent we believe anything is possible. And sometimes you want to have fun just.

You don’t want to leave looking unnaturally brownish or bronzed. So be sure to apply bronzer light handed with undertones that do the job. When bronzing, remember that a sunlight-kissed look is exactly what you are going for. It very easy with bronzer to overload and look as if you just stepped out of an extended season from a tanning booth.

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With brother, here is what your location is permitted to used red or orange undertones if you wish. However make sure to first check your own skin’s undertone and see if these colors shall work for you. You don’t want to look like an orange carrot or sun-burnt victim if the color is all wrong. If all else fails, then adhere to gray undertones which always look great! Moreover, stay from glitter/shimmery brothers away. While they look nice, they TOTALLY look unnatural unless this is the look you ‘re going for.

Glitter/shimmery browsers work best at night, for an ongoing party or club-type atmosphere. But for normal everyday wear, it can look way too overdone. One of the better browsers I have ever used is Encountered Dairy Chocolates Soleil Matte Bronzer Dairy Chocolate Too. You may get this broader in two colors. Either light/medium or a darker shade.

This browser has great undertones to work with just about everyone’s skin. It is matte so that it leaves you with a lovely, reasonable shine also. The best part concerning this brother isn’t only the color you are left because of it, but that fact that it smells like chocolate! Hey, for a woman like me who’s addicted to chocolate, I don’t brain having it on my face with zero calories guilty!

There are two brushes that come to mind when applying bronzer to the facial skin for me that work amazing things each time. Either a nice large contour clean or an angled clean. The Blank Canvas Makeup products F04 Angled Contour Face Brush works well to apply bronzer on the apples of your cheeks and blend it in with your blush if you are applying some at the top. This brush has an angled head, which really helps to get the bronze completely up to the hairline right next to your temples.