Laser services are able to treat a number of problematic, stubborn, and unsightly conditions. From acne to unwanted hair regrowth, nail fungus, spider veins, skin tags, and more, laser therapy will benefit you! You must live indefinitely with these problems don’t. A medical spa can help by performing medical services in a relaxed, comforting spa environment of in a doctor’s office instead.

Blue Sky Medical Spa is proud to own the next generation in medical laser beam technology, which combines more power with increased efficiency and comfort. Previously, laser machines were bulky, needing water-cooled lasers which were less targeted and in length much longer. Our Aerolase LightPod Neo uses new 650-microsecond technology to deliver precision-targeted, short-pulse lasers without needing to cool the skin for treatment. This new technology also does with the pain of old ways of laser treatment away, as well as shields the surrounding epidermal melanin by blocking unneeded absorption.

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With most conditions only needing just 1-6 treatments, you’ll be astonished at what lasering can do for your wellbeing and confidence! Lasering helps alleviate a wide variety of unwanted skin problems so that you can look and feel your very best. To find out more about our state-of-the-art laser beam services, conditions we treat, and details on treatment regularity and period, visit our Lasering page. Don’t forget to take advantage of our current 15% off special, through September 30th now! Located in McHenry, IL, Pacific Vein Care, and Blue Sky Medical Spa make an effort to make you look and feel your best!

The ancient Greek language philosophers noticed beauty in objects that are showed symmetry, order, balance, unity, and proportion. Actually, the Greek term we translated into “beauty” was hora. This is the main, that we have derived the expressed phrase hour. That’s because beauty includes a sense of timing. It takes into consideration what we realize about the purpose for which the object exists.

Think of the flower. The ancients noticed beauty not only in the symmetry of the flower’s petals or the brilliant colors it displayed. They also acknowledged that these properties became most prominent when the bloom reached its primary – when it bloomed. In the same way, the fruit was most beautiful when it ripened. An adult female was beautiful – and a woman was beautiful – each in a manner that satisfied their purpose for that stage of their being.

There was no beauty in an older woman aiming to look younger than she actually was. Nor was it beautiful when a young woman attempted to look more than she should. Quite simply, the characteristics that made something beautiful were built into the thing one was observing. Beauty was dependent on an object’s purpose and character. It had nothing to do with an observer’s opinion of it. Scientists uncover evidence of this type of beauty just about everywhere in character.