My morning skincare program is reminiscent of the first picture of Mommie Dearest, in which Joan Crawford prepares and ice-water face shower and starts in on her behalf organized beauty ritual then. First, I spend three minutes rinsing my face with cold water, I apply hyaluronic-acid toner then, accompanied by a salicylic-acid serum on my nose and chin, and an eyes gel finally.

Phase two, post-shower, requires a different serum, accompanied by two types of eye and sunscreen cream. Suffice it to say my regimen can last through the majority of a Law and Order: SVU episode. I’m not in my ablutions only. Actually, by some women’s standards, I’m zero-maintenance. SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA style article writer Jessica Egbu’s morning ritual has seven steps (one consists of a refrigerated rose-quartz face roller), but she says it’s streamlined in comparison to her p.m.

“Sometimes I’m coming in contact with my face for what seems like almost an hour,” she admits. Kelly Stevens, a physical therapist in Chicago, multitask (with the clay, hydration, sleeping, and lip varieties) within her routine. “It’s my pampering windowpane at the end of an extended day,” she says. 15 percent of women say they use skincare to relax. “It’s turn into a trend. It’s a genuine hobby for a lot of women,” says Josie Howard, a San Francisco psychiatrist. But it’s simplistic to dismiss this craze as another sign of our culture’s penchant for self-indulgence and vanity because there’s something deeper happening. For me personally, it’s about control.

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When I used to be going through a divorce, my routine held me sane. It had been one of the things I could count on. Every liquid coating I put on comforted me such as a relaxing security blanket. This day, To, my beauty ritual remains an effective coping mechanism. “A skincare routine can be very soothing, and the physical action of a cosmetic massage therapy can help lower your heartache,” says Amy Wechser, M.D., a fresh York doctor who’s double-board-certified in dermatology and psychiatry. That’s the case for Jude Chao certainly, a marketing director (she details her skincare obsession on the blog Fifty Shades of Snail) who struggles with depression.

“Sticking to my program has improved my mental health more than hours of therapy could. It’s helped to lessen the length and severity of my depressive episodes,” Chao says. Going right through my ritual is an uplifting meditation that gives me a feeling of purpose, satisfaction, and optimism. Of course, much like any habit, there’s a potential to veer into dangerous territory.

“Some individuals cross the range by obsessing in a magnifying mirror, picking at their epidermis, or using severe elements to the point of discomfort,” says Dr. Wechsler. Howard has a litmus test because of this. She asks patients questions like “Do you feel anxiety and panic if you can’t complete your schedule?” and “Is your goal to take care of yourself or achieve some unrealistic level of perfection?

” The latter will make anyone feel bad about herself. But that’s never been the case for me. Going through my ritual at the start and the finish of every day is an uplifting meditation that provides me a feeling of purpose, satisfaction, and optimism. I’m doing something proactive, and I could actually start to see the glowing results.

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