Complete starter’s guide for Linux Mint. Linux Mint is “Linux made easy”, or even “Linux for dummies”. It’s eminently ideal for beginners with Linux and has become very popular because of this. Linux Mint is free entirely, so that it won’t set you back anything! One of the main goals of Linux is fun.

So most importantly: have a great time! You have to burn the .iso file on a DVD in a particular way. Do not forget to check the iso. 1. Linux Mint: ease of use above all. Pick the best flavor for you! 4. Increase your Mint! 2. Increase your Ubuntu! Tip: you can find the how-to’s you need, by using the search container in the top of the right corner of this website.

If you wish, you can help improve the how-to’s on this website, by confirming errors in this Google Group. Thanks for your help! The content of this site is a translation of a few of this content of my Dutch website. My Dutch website includes even more tips and how-to’s for Ubuntu and Linux Mint. So when you can read Dutch (or Afrikaans, which is closely related to Dutch), you might want to take a peek there, too. The author of these web pages. I encourage copying of the given information on this website! This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. The attribution must point out the home page of the website.

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