There are many kinds of pallet rack protectors. However, most can be used as a guard rail or shield between the racking system a load and it. They are installed on every level of the racking system, from the footer to the beams, and come in several different styles. Depending on the use, pallet rack protectors may be bolted on or banded on to racking system columns or beams. If you have virtually any questions about in which along with how you can work with rack protection, you possibly can e-mail us with our own webpage.

Types of Pallet rack protectors 1

Pallet rack protection can also include guard rails to protect employees and expensive equipment. They are usually installed at the ends or along the racks to provide additional protection. Guard rails are usually brightly colored to make forklift drivers visible. A guide rail is another type of protective hardware, installed on just click the up coming internet site floor edge of the pallet rack. It guides forklifts around the rack while keeping the rack and its contents safe.

The General Duty Clause, while it doesn’t address rack protection specifically, does cover damage caused by forklifts. This section of General Duty Clause obligates employers to keep their workplace safe and prevent accidents. Damage from forklifts occurs at least twice as often as other damage to racks. RMI ANSI 16.1 contains the recommended steps for operators to prevent damage to uprights and beams.

Rack protectors at the end of aisles can also be used to protect them. These protectors protect upright frames at end of aisles from impact by forklifts. This is especially important in warehouses that have high volumes and where forklifts are often used. End-aisle shelf protectors protect the upright frames from damage by impact and ensure that the racking system is safe for long periods. They also require very little space. These protective measures are easy to install and can protect your investment.

These low-profile rack protectors take less than 1 inch of aisle space. They are made from steel and powder-coated to resist corrosion and impact. They are fully recyclable and can withstand temperatures up to 104°F. They are lightweight and simple to install. They come in both single- and double-ended versions. When installing low-profile rack protectors, they only require two bolts to install.

These rack guards provide rack protection and can prevent forklift damage. A SAFE system will stop your racking collapsing because of forklift damage. It is flexible enough that it can recover from multiple impacts. The iFlex RackGuard can protect the legs of your rack while loading. The iFlex RackEnd pallet rack guard rails will shield forklifts turning at the end of aisles.

Heavy-duty rack protectors can be used in warehouses or any other environment where direct impact is possible. These guards also protect the upright posts of your pallet racking without interfering with aisle movement. T.P. Supply Co. The rack protector can be ordered in two styles: a low or high-profile. These rack protectors are made from extra heavy-duty steel.

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