Video editing is something that you have probably come across if you are an avid film lover. Video editing refers to manipulating and arranging different video shots in order to create a finished product. Video editing aids in structuring information within a video. For example, a film’s story or an advertisement message. Below are some of the key terms that are frequently used when video editing is needed. Continue reading for more information. If you have just about any issues relating to exactly where and also the way to make use of subtitle generator, you can e-mail us in our own internet site.

Multitrack editing

If you’re in need of a new video editor, you’ve probably heard of Multitrack video editing. Multitrack video editing lets you edit your videos with multiple audio tracks. You can also mix and blend them together. Multitrack editors have the added advantage of being live-streamed, so you can adjust the settings for individual tracks as they play back. This flexibility also allows you to apply and remove various effects without affecting the original source files.

Motion tracking

Many people have seen videos that show multiple objects moving in front the camera or footage of a sports player doing a backflip. But what is motion tracking? This technique allows for easy color grades and effects to be applied to moving objects. Motion tracking can be used by anyone, even those who don’t have any experience in video editing. It gives videos a natural look and smoothness. In fact, motion tracking is so popular that it’s used in everything from everyday social media posts to blockbuster movies.

Lookup tables

LUTs (or Lookup tables) are used to give raw footage a new look in video editing software. LUTs make it possible to apply the same colour scheme to all footage, regardless of its source. Film stocks used a particular look, and required certain brands of film. Today, however the digital world offers many editing tools and techniques.


A film’s cutaways are an essential part of its composition. They help a director expand a scene without detracting from the main storyline. Most commonly, cutaways are used in comedy. You can find many examples on television. One of the most famous examples is Family Guy, which is known for its use of cutaways, usually in crazy situations involving celebrities. The show was also used in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade films.

Non-linear editing

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Editing Machines Corp. (EMC2) was the first to create non-linear editing machines in the 1980s. These systems used banks of VCRs and multiple laser discs as well as computers. Lucasfilm’s EditDroid used multiple laser discs of the same raw footage. The SoundDroid was a pioneering digital audio workstation. Laser Edit used random-access laserdiscs. Ediflex used a bank VCRs from Sony Betamax.

Adding voice commentary

Adding voice commentary to video editing is simple. Add your voice track to the timeline. Then, use the effects tab for trimming the audio. You can add tracks to your voice track or split them. Animotica has a voice check over here function and is one of our favorite video editing programs. You can add voice commentary by following the steps below. You may also want to record a short voice script to read along with your video.

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