I recently found out about a business called the Job Creators Network, which some big CEOS get excited about like Roger Ailes (you understand, Faux News), David Hernandez of Liberty Power (previously with, Enron), and other big corporate and business heads. Their major goal in life seems to be to indoctrinate employees into voting against their own interests. Well, that isn’t what they say. America’s employees, non-union employees particularly, are an untapped tank of support for free enterprise.

Job Creators Network’s E2E Communication Program leverages employee support by providing employers across America with the various tools, materials, and guidance they have to educate their employees about the impact of federal government policies on their jobs, pay, benefits, and families. E2E promotes a better-informed public by educating employers about information they can legally provide with their employees.

A well-informed public is the best protection against bad public policy. That is right. Your employer can do you the huge favor of telling you how to vote. You are wished by them to be well-informed. They have an Employer To Employee Communications Program with a toolkit for employers to clarify how to “educate” you on important issues. They have a helpful website for employers to relay their political message to employees.

Here’s a good summary of the message. Good. Let’s reduce taxes on your poor employer and eliminate those awful unions, regulations, and employment laws. If you buy into this, I have some land to market you west of me (west of me is the Everglades). I find the complete concept of employers indoctrinating employees in politics terrifying.

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They perhaps you have captive, plus they reach fling propaganda at you at will now. If they have their way if you complain about your exploding Pinto you’ll have to do indentured servitude at Ford for 10 years as punishment for your chutzpah. We’ll be back again to company stores, locked fire-hazard sweat shops, and child labor in no right time. You can expect the indoctrination to ramp up once we get nearer to the elections.

If you want real information about how some of these issues have an effect on employees and do not need it into the big corporate and business propaganda, are some places you can turn to get pro-employee information here. THE GUTS For Workplace Fairness: This business have a good website about all sorts of employment laws and political issues affecting employees.

Bad, roughly your employer lets you know. If you prefer unions, this portion of their website analyzes the hot political issues impacting employees. Check it out on your evenings off, weekends, and legal holidays, which you can thank unions for. National Employment Lawyers Association: I’m an associate of the employee-side business.

Their website is interesting for everyone, not lawyers just. If you wish to know very well what employee-side lawyers will work on for employees, check here. National Council of State Legislatures: That is a nonpartisan business that compiles lists of what legislation the many claims have pending and where it is along the way.