What easily were to compare you to a summer-time day? For so long as people can inhale and see, this sonnet will go on, and you also (and your beauty) with it. Why is he stating it? Sonnet 18 is the most well-known of the sonnets arguably, its opening line competitive with “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” in the long list of Shakespeare’s quotable quotations. The poet identifies summer as a season of extremes and disappointments.

He starts in lines 3-4, where “rough winds” are an unwelcome extreme and the shortness of summer months is its disappointment. He continues in lines 5-6, where he lingers on the defects of the summer sunlight. Here again we find an extreme and a disappointment: the sun is sometimes much too hot, while at other times it’s “gold appearance” is dimmed by passing clouds.

In collections 12 we find the poet’s solution – how he intends to eternalize the reasonable lord’s beauty despite his refusal to have a child. The poet programs to fully capture the fair lord’s beauty in his verse (“eternal lines”), which he believes will endure the ravages of time. Thereby the reasonable lord’s “eternal summer season shall not fade,” and the poet will have obtained his wish. Here we start to see the poet’s use of “summer” as a metaphor for youth, or beauty perhaps, or the wonder of youngsters perhaps. But has the poet really forgotten the essential notion of stimulating the reasonable lord to have a child?

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